BLACK MAGIC, Vibe Evolution Tan.
Vibe Evolution is a very unique product for all skin types.

Q. What makes Vibe so special?
A. Of course the simple answer is just to say the colour, what we all want is amazing colour, however with Vibe it is just a little more than that. …

Fast Drying, No Stickiness, waiting for the tan to develop there is nothing worse that that feeling of gummy products making your tan stick to your clothing or anything else. Vibe has a unique blend of natural ingredients and moisturisers that eliminate this sticky feeling.
Odour Free.
No alcohol, No Fragrance
No Orange.
Violet Based- Dark Natural looking colour.
Instant Colour.
Certified Natural DHA.
Salon Exclusive.
The TAN that does it all, Vibe Evolution is an All Rounder it covers you for all skin types.
Leave on;
2 Hours for Regular Colour.
4 Hours for Medium Colour.
6 Hours for Dark Colour.