Are you Sick of the shadowy stubble the day after shaving?

IPL SHR Hair Reduction treatments for Face or Body.

When undergoing IPL SHR Hair Reduction treatment, clients well need between 6-10 treatments. Spaced every 4 to 6 weeks depending on what body areas you are treating. Your Therapist will guide you through your course of treatments, for optimum results.

Results depend on the area being treated, & factor’s like the density, colour of hair or hormones. Individuals respond differently. We cant treat light blond vellus hair. That short, fine, fluffy barely noticeable hair you might have on your face or body.

IPL is non-lasers that emit light via a handpiece and across a range of wavelengths. IPL SHR has a motion glide cold handpiece for hair reduction treatments.

This light is preferentially absorbed by melanin found in the hair and once the light is absorbed, it converts it to heat. This heat destroys the hair, preventing & reducing it from generating. Eventually however maintenance treatments are required when a client generates enough, that warrants a treatment, this will be at least once or twice a year.

When undergoing IPL SHR Hair Reduction treatment, Sometimes it takes 10-14 days or even up to 3 weeks to shed the hair that we kill after a treatment, just remember once it gets reduced, hair is going to be less noticeable & thinner. Not to mention its growing back much slower.

If they are dark enough, & hairs are in the correct hair growing stage the “Angen stage” you do lose them after a treatment. It’s hard to tell how many are in the correct hair growing cycle stage. As we can’t see how many under the skin are in the Angen hair growing cycle stage.

Keep on treating them with regular treatments & then how your body responds, is how it responds. Individuals respond differently, but they all get there in the end.

It does happen. Be patient & it happens by regular appointments.